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Wave Editor is an easy-to-use digital audio editing tool with many supported formats and operations.

With Wave Editor, you have full access to a robust editing environment that is perfect for beginners that want to perform basic editing capabilities like copying, pasting, cutting, and deleting parts of a particular recording. It deviated from all the other like apps based on the ActiveX engine and was developed from the ground up with a slick UI that focuses on speed and ease of use.

One of the useful features of Wave Editor is that it will allow for the simple selection of audio blocks during the playback. Another is the non-destructive editing feature, which will permit you to make simulated changes to an audio track without overwriting the original – great for testing out an edit before committing to the changes.

Supported Formats:

  • Formats: MP3, WMA, WAV (PCM, ADPCM, GSM61, DSP, A-LAW, U-LAW and more…).
  • Bits per sample: 8bit, 16bit
  • Channels: Mono/Stereo
  • Sample Rate: from 8000 Hz to 96000 Hz
  • Maximum audio file size: 2 Gigabytes


  • Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete
  • Insert Silence
  • Normalize
  • Amplify with Peak limiter
  • Fade In, Fade Out
  • Save Selected Fragment
  • Reverse/Invert
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo
  • Play/Pause/Stop
  • Zoom in/ Zoom Out
  • Export to WAV and MP3 formats


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