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TaskBar Monitor can provide details about the load/temperature of your machine’s central processor, loading/temperature of the graphic card (Nvidia cards), RAM/available free space, battery level/condition, operating system information, CPU core(s) load, BIOS/manufacturer, and a graph of CPU load and top loading processes.

TaskBar Monitor is capable of showing data in the Taskbar Thumbnail window preview; you can also activate the ability to send information to the Rivatuner Statistics Server for display while playing games. It supports hotkeys, autostart, and has a pop-up window in the systray. You also have a number of skins to choose from if the default white is not to your liking.

TaskBar Monitor compiles a lot of valuable data into a tiny package to keep you informed of various aspects of your machine. You will need How to Customize the Windows 10/11 Taskbar

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