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It is much like CCleaner grouping the essential cleaning areas from readily accessible categories. It has storage management, a task killer, and startup app management. Granted, most of what Microsoft PC Manager does is already on your machine, but you need to navigate to multiple locations to perform the actions. This app packages them within a straightforward UI, making cleaning much simpler.

It features one-click acceleration with the Boost button allowing fast clean-up of system fragments, freeing up resources with the goal of making your machine as fast as possible. You can also perform a deep clean-up of your system storage space, manage any large files, turn on disk perception, and free up storage space.

Perform a health check that will search for and diagnose abnormalities, garbage cleaning, virus detection, and system risk so you can mitigate the issues before they become critical. It also has Windows Defender, protecting you from viruses, malware, etc. It will also compile any available Windows updates and allow you to update directly from the app.

Microsoft PC Manager is compatible with Windows 10 laptops and PCs that may be a little on the lower-end spec-wise, making it easy for those users to tweak and get as much as possible from that device.


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