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Download Linguix Grammar Checker and Text Rewriter

Linguix Grammar Checker and Text Rewriter for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Android, and Safari will help you improve your writing skills.

Linguix will actively find and eliminate spelling issues in your English texts wherever you are writing.

Linguix includes an AI-based writing assistant that lets you check grammar in real-time on all your favorite sites, from Gmail and Asana to LinkedIn and Facebook. There is also a paraphrasing engine that will provide suggestions on making your writing more clear, compelling, and native. Another cool feature is the personalized Writing Coach. This provides you with access to customized language training sessions based on your mistakes. It will help to improve your skills using the most frequently found topics.

Linguix Features:

Shortcuts for faster typing

  • Create your shortcut for a long text in the Web App, name it (i.e., “shortcut”), and type //shortcut to instantly expand it on any website.

    Synonyms and definitions

  • Review synonym suggestions or look up definitions when reading online. Install Linguix’s browser extension, right-click any unknown word and click Lookup in Linguix to get a thesaurus.


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  • Limitations:
    Requires a free account.

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