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Numerous programs attempt to auto-start upon Windows startup or when you log on to your machine. If you have many programs trying to start up at once, it generally causes a slowdown in the entire process. Not to forget that some malicious software, by design, can survive a reboot. Auto Start Confirm helps mitigate these issues.

Auto Start Confirm monitors programs wanting to start automatically, giving you the option to accept or deny the request.

Auto Start Confirm uses the least amount of privileges possible. It is set to run in user mode, so it only monitors and reacts after any changes have occurred. The main advantage of this is it allows users that are not administrators access to run the program.

Auto Start Confirm monitors Boot Execute, Appinit DLLs, Logon, Scheduled Tasks, Services, and Drivers. As this app progresses in development, other areas will be added to the mix.


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  • Editor’s Note:
    Some essential programs require services to start automatically; if you block the auto-start, they may not function correctly.

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