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Disney Baby & Pet Names: Oliver

Oliver from Oliver & Company

In the animated film Oliver & Company, Oliver was an orphaned kitten who joined a criminal gang of dogs. He eventually was adopted by a rich young girl named Jenny.

Oliver Oaken with Hannah Montana

In Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana, Oliver Oaken was one of Miley Stewart’s best friends. He was the boyfriend of Lily Truscott, and he played in a band. He was also often hung out with Miley’s brother Jackson.

Sir Oliver from Sofia the First

In Disney Junior’s Sofia the First, Sir Oliver was a villainous knight. His rival was Sir Jaxon. When Sofia met Sir Oliver, he used her to help get a magical shield, but took credit for her work. Sofia later teamed up with Sir Jaxon to stop him.

Oliver Sansweet from The Incredibles

In Pixar’s The Incredibles, Mr. Incredible stopped Oliver Sansweet from committing suicide. He later sued Mr. Incredible for saving his life.

Oliver from Mighty Med

In Disney XD’s Mighty Med, Oliver was a youth observer and doctor in a superhero hospital, despite the fact that he had no super powers.

Oliver might be derived from the Latin for ‘olive tree’, or it may be a variant of an Old Norse name meaning ‘ancestor’ or an Old Germanic name meaning ‘host of elves’. In 2016, Oliver was the 12th most popular name for boys in the United States.

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