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Disney Baby & Pet Names: Jackson

Jackson Storm in Cars 3

In Pixar’s Cars 3, Jackson Storm was a race car who became the chief competitor to Lightning McQueen. He enjoyed taunting Lightning.

Jackson Stewart in Hannah Montana

In Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana, Jackson Stewart was the older brother of Miley Stewart, a.k.a. Hannah Montana. He worked at Rico’s, Surf Shop on the beach near their house.

Whistlestop Jackson in TaleSpin

In Disney Channel’s TaleSpin, Whistlestop Jackson was a heroic combat pilot and Baloo’s hero.

Jett Jackson in The Famous Jett Jackson

Jett Jackson was the main character of Disney Channel’s The Famous Jett Jackson. Jett was an actor who played a spy in a television show.

Jackson is an English surname that means ‘Son of Jack’. In 2016, Jackson was the 17th most popular name in the United States.

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