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Chloe Bailey Says ‘I Don’t Expect Everyone To Like Me’ While Discussing How She Deals w/Online Criticism – theJasmineBRAND

Chloe Bailey

Chloe Bailey Says ‘I Don’t Expect Everyone To Like Me’ While Discussing How She Deals w/Online Criticism

R&B songstress Chloe Bailey is opening up about dealing with heavy feelings sparked by online hate and depression.

While visiting Angela Yee’s new radio show, Way Up With Angela Yee, the multi-talented entertainer revealed how steering clear of the comments section and a mindset shift has helped shield her from internet slander.

After Angela Yee praised the musician’s glamorous social media account and “beautiful spirit,” she asked the soon-to-be 25-year-old how she responds to unwarranted hate comments. Chloe Bailey is often criticized for her dramatic internet persona and racy photoshoots. Most recently, the “Have Mercy” artist received negative criticism surrounding her debut album In Pieces, which dropped at the end of last month. As we previously reported, the freshman project from the newly solo artist debuted at 119 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Discussing her relationship with online haters, Chloe stated:

“I can’t really fault them because none of us are supposed to like everything. You can’t please everybody just as much as you can’t like everything and I get it to a certain extent because the’ve seen me since I was…eight from like Tyler Perry….so I get it but I’m like, ‘okay guys I’m gonna be 25 in July.’”

Chloe Bailey in Meet the Browns

Continuing, the TV and film star assured Yee that her frequent breaks from social are “great,” and allow her to avoid reading the negative press. Referencing backlash from her brief nude scene in the recently released Amazon series Swarm, Chloe stated:

“the only time I really know something went down is if I’ll go like in interviews and people ask me about it. Like, the whole thing that happened with the show a month ago they’re like, ‘how do you feel?’ I’m like, ‘I’m fantastic’ because I wasn’t seeing any of it…”

The actress also shared how she maintains a positive attitude by studying the rocky start of some of her groundbreaking predecessor’s careers. She said:

“All of like my favorites they’ve all had like a moment early in their career where no one really liked them…Even recently when I watched, it was so incredible, the Whitney Houston biopic you know they used to boo her. They boo’ed her at the Soul Train Awards because they said she wasn’t black enough,”

Whitney Houston


“they would look down on Janet Jackson because they said she was too sexy. Same with Sheila E and Donna Summer with how she’d moan in the songs and be sexual with the songs and things like that…I used to not understand it and I used to be like ‘is there something wrong with me?’…but now I’m like okay maybe, maybe it’s a rite of passage…Maybe, maybe it’s God telling me ‘Chlo maybe just hold on a little longer.’ So I don’t expect everyone to like me and I don’t expect everyone to enjoy my music…I’m happy that they’re tuning in and they’re listening. So I don’t fault them for it either, I just it’s up to me to decide what I give my attention.”

Chloe went on to share with fans how she handles dark times and moments where she feels depressed as well. You can watch the full interview with Chloe Bailey below!

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