Cats Will Be Cats: Giant Caracal Adorably Nags Human Who’s Trying To Work By Hopping Onto Her Desk (Video)

For the most part, let’s be honest, our cats like their alone time. They like their blankets, they like their space, and if you don’t respect it, they will find a way to show you their displeasure. But sometimes, those magical moments happen where, all of a sudden, your cats become incredibly clingy. They have a name: they’re known as velcro cats. It happens rarely enough, but when it does, when your cats that they want you for the evening, cats will get your attention no matter what it takes – even if it means hopping right onto your desk, onto your keyboard, while you’re on Zoom with your boss. 

We thought that was just a regular old domestic cat problem, but it turns out that… cats, no matter their size, will cat. The proof is right here. A giant, majestic, beautiful caracal cat, and it behaves just like any other itty bitty house kitty. 

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