Casino implements ‘Smiling Policy,’ employees incessantly report each-other to overload system.

This Orwellian nightmare is brought to you by: Modern misinterpretation of people management. 

What do you do when your woefully unqualified-to-manage-people employer is combing through surveillance footage to assess whether or not you’re giving good customer service based on whether or not they can make out a pixilated smile? Well, smiling more seems like the obvious solution, but that’s just playing into their Bezosian entrepreneurial wet dreams — that’s why the more creative solution is the better one here: Band together with all of your coworkers and report each other for not smiling as often as possible in order to overload the system with bogus paperwork.

That’s the strategy that these workers took when their employer decided to implement a draconian ‘Smiling Policy’ that threatened workers with termination for not appropriately turning up the corners of their mouths. 

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