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Candice Warner breaks down live on air after receiving ‘beautiful message’ from friend

Former Australian Ironwoman Candice Warner has broken down live on air after receiving a surprising message from a friend.

After being set a challenge on Triple M’s Rush Hour to send a check-in message to a friend, Warner, 37, received a response that left her in tears.

“I just received a really beautiful message back that has brought me to tears, because sometimes we don’t say these things enough to the people that we love and we assume that they know it,” Warner said on the air.

Watch the video above.

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Candice Warner breaks down live on air Triple M Rush Hour
Candice was reduced to tears after a friend sent her back a “beautiful message”. (Instagram)

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“But to actually verbalise it, say it, and for them to receive that, it’s hard to do but it means so much.”

The challenge was set by radio presenter Gus Worland, who pointed to the extreme mental health crisis hitting the world at the moment.

“We lose seven men and two women every day to suicide and see 65 attempts a day,” Worland noted at the beginning of the program.

He then asked Warner and co-host Wendell Sailor to send a message to a close friend, simply checking in on them, and letting them know they care.

Candice Warner with husband kids
Candice and David have been married since 2015 and share three young daughters, Ivy Mae, Indi Rae and Isla Rose. (Instagram)

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Warner also later appeared on Nine’s Today, where she opened up about how she and her cricketer husband David Warner balance his demanding career with raising their three children, Ivy Mae, Indi Rae and Isla Rose.

Watch the video above.

In the conversation, Candice revealed that due to David’s upcoming schedule, he wouldn’t be home until November.

“It has its challenges. It definitely doe,” Candice said. “But you take each day as it comes and for me, it’s all about starting the day off well and you know what they all say, you win the morning, you win the day and I’m a true believer in that.”

Candice Warner kids Sydney
Candice spends a lot of the time solo parenting while David is playing cricket abroad, but the family makes it work. (Instagram)

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“Everything is all about balance for me and you have your good days, you have your bad days. But things that I don’t ever skip or negotiate with are my early mornings and just waking up a bit early and just having that time for myself. I think it’s really important,” she said.

Candice also admitted David often feels guilt for spending so much time away from their three young girls.

“There are times where [on the phone] he can hear the kids are fighting, or he can sense that it’s been a tougher day than normal and he has that guilt,” Candice said.

“It’s just important for us to connect to bond, to speak to one another. I think, not hiding how we’re feeling or not hiding what’s really going on [is important too]. We talk about our feelings, our struggles, whatever it may be, and just be there for one another,” she said.

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