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Brielle Biermann: Married Male Bravo Stars Keep Sliding Into My DMs!

As the daughter of Real Housewives of Atlanta OG Kim Zolciak, Brielle Biermann is not stranger to the world of Bravo stardom.

Fans have embraced Bri as she transitioned from precocious tyke to full-grown influencer.

And it seems that a few of Brielle’s Bravo colleagues have taken an interest in her as well.

Though perhaps not in the way she would have imagined.

Brielle Biermann is opening up about her DMs. (Photo via Instagram)

In a recent interview on the “Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef” podcast, Biermann revealed that multiple male Bravolebrities have been sliding into her DMs.

And seems that these guys are not exactly single:

“There are some very interesting direct messages, actually, from a lot of different people,” Brielle said (via Page Six).

It seems that quite a few married celebs have been hitting on Brielle Biermann. (Photo via Instagram)

She added that there are quite a few thirsty dudes “who are married or have a girlfriend,” including “two people from Bravo” and “a bunch of other ones” who are “very well-known.”

Asked about the content of these messages, Bri revealed that they’re depressingly predictable.

“‘Hi, you’re so beautiful.’ Or they’ll send me one of my posts and be like, ‘Wow.’ Or they’ll just send me an emoji,” she said.

Brielle Biermann Has COVID
Brielle Biermann shared this selfie on Instagram. (Photo via Instagram)

Biermann added that she doesn’t “respond” or “reply” to these overtures.

“The fact that they’re sending an emoji, they’re saying hi, like, bothers me,” she said.

“‘Cause if my man ever did that to somebody, I’d be f–king like, ‘We’re done. Bye! Have fun with them.’”

Brielle Biermann is Kim Zolciak’s eldest child. She’s gorgeous, but her jaw-dropping good looks aren’t the only reason that she’s well-liked. (Photo via Instagram)

Brielle went on to explain that she protects the identities of these men only so that she can minimize drama in her own life.

“I want to tell someone so bad, but I just can’t ’cause I don’t trust anybody with that type of information. … I don’t wanna expose or hurt anybody,” she said.

Brielle added that there’s “one person in particular that will just not leave me alone.”

Brielle Biermann Lounges in a Yellow Bikini
Don’t Be Tardy star Brielle Biermann lounges in a powerful thirst trap while wearing a yellow bikini at the beach. (Photo via Instagram)

“We don’t know what to do here. Like, I don’t want to ruin a marriage or relationship, but I’m not responding — I’ve never responded — but it won’t stop,” she told Yontef, adding that she often asks her mom for advice in these situations.

“We’re just like, ‘I cannot believe the balls these men have,’” Bri said.

Biermann went on to explain that her most relentless secret suitor is “not from Bravo.”

Brielle recently gave fans a peek at her all-black ensemble, worn at night and illuminated only by the flash of the camera. (Photo via Instagram)

“Like, if you don’t respond, that’s almost stalking — if you just keep getting DMs,” she said.

“People are weird. I don’t get it. Like, what do they think? That they’re never going to get caught?”

Whoever the famous stalker is, we hope he’s shaken by the fact that Bri seems to be on the verge of spilling his name.

Brielle Biermann Dresses Up in Nassau
Brielle dressed up in a magenta dress with a plunging neckline and huge hair to head to The Bahamas. (Photo via Instagram)

As for the identity of the married Bravo guy who’s risking it all by DM-ing Bri, we have a few guesses, and all of them are Jax Taylor.

Asked about stars whom she wouldn’t mind being stalked by, Brielle said she wouldn’t mind if Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly dropped her a line.

“I would take both of them for a night,” Biermann divulged.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly on Red Carpet
Machine Gun Kelly is nominated for a Grammy for best rock album. (Photo via Getty)

Ball’s in your court, Meg and MGK!

As for Brielle’s career, it seems that she and sister Ariana are trying to land a new reality show.

We can’t think of a better way for her to attract network attention than by outing one of her famous suitors!

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