Baby Names

Baby’s names — Spooky Buge

Buge’s first attempt to protect the Buge family was when she was forced to save her younger brother and sister from the giant fish that had been attacking their home before her mother had left to find the monster girl. The Buge’s father tried to help his wife, only to be captured by the monster. He was released soon afterwards.

After the Buge family’s defeat at the hands of the giant fish, Buge and her mother (also a nurse) were forced to give birth to a daughter who was later named Kayla. However, a few hours after she came out, the mother was eaten by the fish so the family was forced to abandon the girl in an attempt to create a monster that would take care of her.

Buge decided to find a monster to help her mother but failed to find the right one. She then decided she could take care of the young girl herself. With Kayla’s guidance, she was able to transform herself into a monster and help the people around her to save their city from the destruction

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