Air | Questions and Answers

In this section of our Colossus Movie Guide for Air, we answer questions you have about the movie. If you’re curious about plot explanations, meanings, themes, lessons, motifs, symbols, or just confused by something, ask and we’ll do our best to answer.


  • Sonny Vaccaro – Matt Damon
  • Rob Strasser – Jason Bateman
  • Howard White – Chris Tucker
  • Phil Knight – Ben Affleck
  • Peter Moore – Matthew Maher
  • Deloris Jordan – Viola Davis
  • Julius Tennon – James R. Jordan Sr.
  • David Falk – Chris Messina
  • George Raveling – Marlon Wayans

Air | Questions and Answers

Why didn’t Michael Jordan appear in the movie?

Even though it seems Affleck had Jordan’s blessing to make the movie, it’s possible Jordan didn’t want to allow the use of his likeness. 

What’s more likely, though, is that, because the story is about Nike rather than Jordan, the filmmakers decided to limit Jordan’s presence. Otherwise, the narrative around the movie might focus on the actor playing Jordan, how Jordan was portrayed, etc. Honestly, Jordan’s so recognizable there’s a question of whether you can cast someone that audiences would accept, much less like. 

Does Phil Knight’s autobiography go over the events of Air?

Shoe Dog primarily covers 1962 to 1980. Everything with Jordan happened in 1984. The final chapters do involve Jordan and have some reflection about him, but you don’t get a first-hand account from Phil Knight. 

Despite that, I found Shoe Dog to be a very entertaining book and definitely worth the read. 

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