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Actress Grace Gealey Announces Arrival of 1st Child on Her and Trai Byers Wedding Anniversary

Last October, actors Grace Byers (née Gealey) and Trai Byers announced they were expecting their first child. Grace has revealed the arrival of her newborn and announced the news on her and Trai’s seventh wedding anniversary.

The couple, who co-starred together in the series Empire as Andre Lyon and Anika Calhoun respectively, have welcomed a son! The Harlem star did not share the name of her little one. It’s also unclear when he was born, but Grace referred to him as a newborn in her post, which is often considered as the time from birth to 3 months old. “As we hold our newborn son in our arms, side by side, a new feeling of fullness overwhelms me. I am so moved by what God has done – His miracles, His blessings, His grace. I stand in reverie and awe.”

While the post revealed the arrival of their son, the intention of the post was to celebrate the couple’s 7th wedding anniversary. “2556 days, 365 weeks, 84 months, 7 years. 7….the year of completion and fullness,” Grace began her post. “These past 7 years with you have been, without question, the best years of my life.”

She went on to reflect on their lives together and her appreciation for her husband. “You have taught me so much about love, patience, compromise and sacrifice. I am overcome by you. By your love. By your heart. By the way you show up for us every day. There’s nothing you haven’t done. There’s nothing you won’t do. Your commitment to our union is a constant, burning blaze that never, ever goes out. My mouth remains agape each passing year. You are a husband that I could never imagine or fashion or create in my greatest of thoughts. And now, you are a father, who already surpasses this too.”

Congratulations to Grace and Trai on the arrival of their baby boy! We hope they are settling in nicely to their new role as parents.

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