‘A very seriously unwarranted allegation’: Card shop owner responds after absolute Karen leaves 1-star review accusing them of stealing the best cards

People will make up anything and jump over any number of mental hurdles to displace their own unhappiness onto someone else. 

This thread was shared to Reddit’s aptly named r/F**kYouKaren subreddit and featured screen grabs of a Google review that had been posted on a local game shop’s page. In the review, the reviewer accuses the shop owner of weighing packs in order to determine which ones contain rarer cards to keep for themselves, putting out the lighter packs to sell to customers.

As commenters have mentioned, there is some logic behind these accusations; rare trading cards often feature additions like holographic foil that adds to their weight—so a pack that contained one of these desirable cards may be heavier. While this may be possible with some unopened classic packs, nowadays, most trading card publishers will include code cards and other heavy additions to foil the plans of any would-be card sharks.

The owner wasn’t going to take this accusation lying down and responded with a brilliant message back to the reviewer, refuting their claims.

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