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a green hat – Handmade by Carolyn

It’s a new season! and I wanted a new hat in a new and different colour from my current collection; something more “beachy” coloured.  So I whipped one up.  Ka-chhhhhh!

I used the free Sorrento bucket hat pattern by Elbe Textiles.  Actually I’d originally written that it was free, which it was when I downloaded it; however now it is not.  I’ve made this pattern up multiple times before for my family, as blogged here; and this is the first one I’ve made for myself.  I was actually a little inspired by the one I’d made for Sam; he wore it while we were all setting up at the wedding together.  I was like, hey that hat has a pretty nice shape.  I want to try it for ME!

The fabric is the last leftovers from a pair of raw silk trousers that Mum tossed out quite a long time ago now.  I’d originally used those same trousers to make a knitting bag for her, as blogged here.  I also used it to cut some of the pieces for this dress; blogged here.  So it’s produced quite a few good things in the end!  And I lined it with some of the leftover silk crepe that I had used to make Mum’s dress, worn to Cassie and Daniel’s wedding; blogged here.  Such pretty stuff.

I installed a hanging loop, and stitched on one of the circa 2023 labels.  Still getting a kick out of these!

Bob’s your uncle!  Simple and free, which is quite a nice thing  🙂

PS; yes I made the green dress above too; blogged here


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