65 | Title Explanation

In this segment of our Colossus Movie Guide for 65, we delve into the significance of the film’s title.


  • Mills – Adam Driver
  • Koa – Ariana Greenblatt
  • Nevine – Chloe Coleman
  • Alya – Nika King
  • Written by – Scott Beck | Bryan Woods
  • Directed by – Scott Beck | Bryan Woods

Why is the movie called 65?

The plot of 65 revolves around an alien who crash lands on an unknown planet, only to discover that it is, in fact, Earth. The story takes place 65 million years ago, during the era when dinosaurs roamed the planet. The film’s title, 65, highlights the significance of the time period and underscores the impact of the alien’s arrival on Earth.

The concept of humans being strangers to their own planet is not new to the sci-fi genre. Works such as Prometheus, Jupiter Ascending, and a popular TV show (which will remain spoiler-free) have all explored this idea. In using the title 65, the film suggests that this was the moment when humans first made contact with Earth, and the story invites viewers to imagine what it would be like for an outsider to arrive on our planet during this pivotal time.

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