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65% Of Divorces Don’t Need A Lawyer: Here’s How To File Online For A Fraction Of The Cost

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Divorce usually brings to mind excruciatingly expensive lawyers, mountains of paperwork, and months of emotional drama. But it turns out that 65% of divorces in the United States could actually be completed online, without a lawyer, and you can get started for as little as $84. 

If you have an uncontested divorce, meaning you and your spouse agree on how you’ll divide up property, time with kids, and any other major elements involved with legally ending your marriage, 3StepDivorce—the internet’s most experienced online divorce service since 1997— can help you get it done relatively quickly and inexpensively. 

Even if you’re dealing with property, debt, retirement accounts, spousal support, child custody, child support, and health insurance, 3StepDivorce can help. And if you changed your name after getting married, the service can even help you change it back. 

The paperwork can be completed in as little as one day, the filing instructions are straightforward, and the total fee can be as low as $299—that saves you literally thousands of dollars in lawyer fees. Here’s how it works.  

The3StepDivorce Online Divorce Process

Step 1: Fill out a quick questionnaire on 3StepDivorce’s website to verify that an online divorce will work for you. Then choose whether you’d like to purchase the Divorce Package alone, or add Divorce Filing Services for an additional $299. 

Once you’ve paid (either by installment or in full), look for an email with instructions on how to log into your account and start filling out your divorce papers. Regardless of whether you’ve chosen a payment plan or paid up front, you immediately have access to all of your documents. 

Step 2: Begin filling out your divorce forms. The forms don’t all have to be filled out in one session. The system will save your progress so you can log back into your account anytime to continue completing your forms. You can also change your answers at any time. The questionnaire is detailed and comprehensive which helps ensure the resulting divorce paperwork will be accurate and up to date.

Step 3: After completing your forms, 3StepDivorce generates all of the divorce documents and provides step by step instructions to file your completed forms with the local court. You can reprint or alter the forms as many times as needed with no additional fees. You also instantly get your documents created and delivered, so there’s no waiting period for forms to be mailed to you.

Taking The Hassle Out Of The Divorce Process

When you’re going through the divorce process the last thing you want to worry about is missing paperwork, missed deadlines, or complicated payments. 3StepDivorce aims to make the process straightforward and hassle-free and offers comprehensive benefits you won’t find elsewhere.

Flat-Fees, Simple Payment Plans, And Money Back Guarantee 

All 3StepDivorce payments are flat fees, meaning no extra or hidden costs you may find elsewhere. Plus, around 40% of users already take advantage of their handy installment plans to pay for their divorce, starting at only $84/month for four months.

One of the benefits we love the most is that you can store, access, and update your documents at any time without having to pay a monthly fee like other online divorce options. And if that isn’t reassuring enough, 3StepDivorce offers a money back guarantee if there were any issues with the divorce forms or questionnaire.

Customer Support

While most divorce services require a third-party data entry (for example, from a lawyer), 3StepDivorce does not, which significantly streamlines the process and makes it the fastest available online. 

And while this is the easiest path to divorce you can probably take, that doesn’t mean the process can’t get confusing at times. Questions will likely come up, negotiation can become challenging, or maybe you come to a point where you’d like the option to speak to a lawyer. 3StepDivorce has you covered with some extra services built into your package.

3StepDivorce offers their customers unlimited phone and email product support. If you have questions or get stuck at any point in the process, you can get the help you need fast so you can keep the process moving. 

The 3StepDivorce system works on a PC, Mac, or mobile devices and offers data privacy protection for extra peace of mind.

So before you call an attorney or let divorce costs stop you, take a closer look at your divorce situation. 3StepDivorce might help keep it much simpler, less expensive, and overall easier on your emotional health.

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