40+ Hissterical Pictures of Velcro Cats Who Have No Sense of Purrsonal Space Whatsoever

If you’ve ever had a cat as a pet, you know that they can be quite clingy. But these velcro cats take it to a whole new level!  Most people love and adore their pets! But what happens when that love is reciprocated… a little too much? This series of clingy cats that have absolutely no sense of purrsonal space hits us right in the feels. Sometimes, our cats want absolutely nothing to do with us humans. And then sometimes they can not bring themselves to leave our side. We prefer the second scenario, who said we need any purrsonal space? All the purrsonal space we need, we are happy to share with our favorite feline friends. 

Some cats strongly believe in accompanying there humans to any and every destination possible. Including but not limited to…the shower, the bathroom, the desk, the kitchen, and pretty much everywhere in between. Cats add positivity and good vibes to our lives just by being their sweet, silly selves! We appreciate them so heckin’ much. Never leave us.

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