32 Beautiful Bodega Cats That Helped Us Find Our Purrfect Midnight Munchie And Looked Dapper As Heck In The Process

Oh hai, fellow I Can Has-ers! Have you ever gone to the store hungry and just can’t decide what you want to get? Well, we have. But whenever an employee comes up to try to help us, we just want to be left alone. Hmmmm….if only there were employees that were cute, cuddly, furry, and meowed at us instead of pestering us with questions? Oh wait, there are! Only in New York, though, there is a bountiful bouquet of bodega cats, ready to lay on the loaf of bread you want and also let you pet them.

These kitties are adorable as heck! Whether they’re snuggled up in an empty box, manning the cash register, or just loafing around, these cats all deserve employee of the month, if you ask us. They’re snuggled up, ready to take your money or pour you some coffee. Honestly, we wish we could just snuggle up with them, but the bodega owner might not like that too much. We’ll just lure them back to our house with some tuna, and then they can show off their curled feetsies in our bed!

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