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2020 Special Modern Muslim Girl Names: Expert’s Selection

Unique & Meaningful Modern Muslim Baby Names for Girls

This selective list of 2020 baby girl names for Muslim children has been curated by doing sincere hard work and intense research to suggest meaningful and acceptable names. Verified using trusted sources; we have carefully chosen 25 modern baby names for girl children that are likely to hit the trends this year.

25 Modern Girl Names for 2020 Newborns

Modern parents are very excited for 2020 names – so are we but with a lot more responsibility. We hope these names hit the right chords with you.


The moniker Ainaz has a “Turkish-Persian” origin that can be felt by its phonetic sound. This name means “beautiful like the moon” or “gorgeous” in general. “Ai” means moon in Turkish whereas “Naz” defines beauty in Persian.


Alma has a modern spin to the famous Arabic name “Aalima”. This name means “apple” in Turkish and Persian.


Altun is a trendsetting baby name derived from ancient Turkic language that means gold. This sobriquet is the perfect way of capturing your feeling in your child’s name. After all, she’s precious!


The Arabic name Amana will make your child trustworthy because it means guardianship, devotion, and loyalty.


Meaning “well-known” and “famous”, Aanil is a baby girl sobriquet with Turkish origins. The name also means “to bring to memory” or “to recall”.


Banah is an Arabic phrase that means “one moringa tree”. However, in Modern Arabic, the name is used to refer to tall, attractive and slender – the traits of the moringa tree.


Originated from Arabic, Dalwa means the bucket used for bringing out water from a well. Dalwa has the ability to be catapulted into popularity due to its newness.

Short and Sweet Muslim Nicknames for Baby girl


Fayha is one of those 2020 girl names that will be on everyone’s mind. This name means “vast landscape” in Arabic.


Turkish names like Guzal add a feminine grace as soon as you hear them. This name means beautiful, just like your daughter.


“Li-ilaafi quraish” – what else do we say? We’re sure you’ve guessed the roots of this Arabic name already. Meaning oath, promise, security and safety, Ilaf is a name derived from Surah Quraish.


Made up by “El” in Turkish and “Sana” in Persian, Elsana means recognizable, lovable, friendly and amiable. El means “people” whereas Sana means “similar to”.


A unique Persian name that means universe, cosmos or the world, Kihana will rank high in the popularity charts of baby names 2020.


Elucidating qualities of softness, delicacy, and tenderness, Liyana is an Arabic name with a dash of femininity to it.


Derived from Avestan, the ancient Persian language, Mahia can redefine modern naming standards. It means “great”.


The name Nazih means chaste, flawless and pure in Arabic as well as the Turkish language. It should not be pronounced as “Naazih”.


The name Parina has been derived from “Par” which means “feathers” in Persian. So, Parina means soft and delicate like feathers.


Rabab should not be confused with Rubab, which is a floral name. Arabic for “white cloud”, Rabab is a cute and short girl name.


Ruwa should be pronounced as Ruwaa and not Ruwa/Ruwah. It is an Arabic moniker meaning “beautiful view or appearance”.


A Turkish-Persian girl name that means happy, Shadli is a heart-throbbing name. It shouldn’t be confused with Shazly.


As delicate as it sounds, Tafla is an Arabic name that means gentle, soft and delicate.


Urwah has three meanings in Arabic – lion, handhold and evergreen tree. You can consider the name according to whichever meaning you like the most.


Urzah means competent and proactive in the Arabic language. From our point of view, this name will make your child victorious throughout life.


Viyana is a name that belongs to the Avestan language. It means wisdom and sensibility in the Persian variant of the language.


Yasma is a name derived from Yasm that means Jasmine flower in Arabic as well as Persian. Bestowing your daughter with a graceful name like this is a great choice.


Zirwa is an Arabic name that means top, pinnacle and the best. The name also means to rise up. However, many people confuse its meaning to be “air”. It does not mean air or wind and denotes success instead.

Which Modern Baby Names for Girl Would You Select?

We hope you found these 2020 baby names as interesting and exciting as we do. What are your thoughts on them? Would you like to select names that belong to the Avestan or Persian language? If not, would you choose between Arabic and Turkish names? We are awaiting your feedback to know which name is your favorite!

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